There really is no “us”, just me.

Well, that is not entirely true. There is my family, who I reconnected with after years of separation. They all live out of state, which makes for great road trips. There are the people at work, and friends through work, whom I love dearly. And then there is my Bonded in the Bible friends. These people are all over. My Bonded in the Bible friends are friends I study the bible with. We talk freely about God and what we are learning and how He is working mightily in our lives. If I am going to get over-the-top excited about anything, these people are usually involved.

My life is rich with others.

The problem is, I am not very good at socializing. I never have been. I am sure it is the way I was raised. Regardless, socializing isn’t something I necessarily enjoy or seek out. I do it. Of course I do it. But it isn’t easy for me. It got worse after I became sober many years ago. Funny, but I even lost a large piece of my social life when I quit smoking cigarettes. We would all go outside to smoke, 2, 4, sometimes 6 of us. They thought the smoke was bothering me and kept adjusting themselves; my being there reminded them that they themselves wanted to quit; the before-time smooth conversation often became awkward. What used to be relaxing, wasn’t.

I love my family and friends. I am just not good at hanging out. But they know that.

That is what is so cool about this website. For me it is like socializing. I can say things, in depth things, things that I have wanted to say, sometimes for a long time. When I write I have specific people or peoples in mind and I would love for them to hear this. I write as if they asked me a question, and many of them do, which I answer. But with this website I am not concerned if they read it or not. I am concerned with making it available so they can read it if they want to.

This is an aspect of my walk with God. And it brings me great joy.

I came up with the concept of this website back in early 2014. I was driving home from Houston reading bumper stickers as I passed cars on I10. I love clever. Words, phrases, tag lines, billboards, you name it. A good play on words can keep me smiling for days. Sometimes longer.

Being clever with words is something I have always wanted to be. But I really have to work at it and seldom will I come up with anything exciting. When it does not happen for me I tend to sulk and stop trying. But when it does happen I am over-the-top excited.

During this particular drive I came up with something that excited me. In-between bumper stickers, as I was thinking about the many people in my world that have no idea just how much the creator of the heavens and the earth, really, really, genuinely loves them, I came up with – Ask me if God loves you. I was thinking, “Oh God, if they only knew.”

As I continued to turn the phrase in my mind I thought what a great bumper sticker that would be. “Ask me if God loves you.” Then I got clever – I’ll tell you the truth.

“Ask me if God loves you. I’ll tell you the truth.” Now that is clever. The truth. I’ll tell you THE truth. Get it?

So, a little over a year later, I decide I want to write. But not just write about anything, I want to write about God and His Word, and God’s love for mankind. Great. I already have the concept. “Ask me if God loves you. I’ll tell you the truth.”

And then I get a thought, “I wonder if the domain name TellMeTheTruth is available?” Within minutes I am online. just happened to be for sale, at a price I could afford. Well, imagine that.

Now, here we are. Ask me. Go ahead, Ask me.

Ask me if God loves you. I’ll tell you the truth.