The problem is that we are a fallen species, living in a fallen state, with free will to perpetuate our fallen nature.

Ok, simply put, we are human and we have a sin nature. We know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, and every day we make choices on which way we are going to swing. Some days we are good: Some days we struggle to have a kind thought. It is not that we want to be this way, hopefully. I know I don’t. But sometimes we make the wrong decisions, and usually for the wrong reasons.

We people are selfish, prideful and foolish. No matter how good we are, we could always be better. Even the most altruistic act is selfish at the core. That is the problem. No matter what we do or how good we are, we always fall short of the glory of God. Always.

The problem is sin. But I think everyone, on some level, knows that. What we may not know is how to deal with it. That is what this section is about. Identifying the problem and seeking solutions.

May God open our eyes and expand our hearts.


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